Graduation 2022


To ensure that all participants enjoy the commencement ceremony, we ask that you do the following:

• Please sit in your designated area if you have tickets.  Do not reserve seats in other areas.

• Please refrain from speaking once the ceremony begins.

• Please stay seated until the graduates have exited the gym.

• Please remove hats during the ceremony.

• Please silence all electronic devices.

• Once seated, please stay seated unless it is an emergency.

• Please do not block any aisle or entrance before, during, or after the ceremony.

• Please dress appropriately. Graduation is an important event to the Class of 2022. Wear your       best.

• Administration will return to the gym after the ceremony to reenact the presentation of student diplomas for pictures.

The student speakers deserve our respect. For many or all of these students, this is their first public speaking event. Let us try to make them comfortable and be respectful at all times. The Class of 2022 appreciates your support in all of the above.