Student Social Students Projects

On Feb 22nd,  CCMHS hosted the  County Social Studies fair.   Social Studies Fair provides the opportunity to ask essential questions, recognize patterns of behavior, think critically, create solutions, predict outcomes and draw conclusions to help them learn to solve problems.   The projects were out standing and all students did a fabulous job presenting their projects. Winners are listed below.   First place winners will move onto the Region Five Competition hosted by Blennerhasset School in Wood County.  

Division I projects are grades 3-5

Division II projects are grades 6-8

Division III projects are grades  9-12

Special thanks to our School Level Coordinators and our judges from Calhoun County Banks, Minnie Hamilton Health Systems, and Armacell. 

Congratulations Students! 

Division Category Type Title Presenter (s) Award School
Sociology Group Rosa Parks Eliana White & Raegan Morgan 1st place CMHS
I Sociology  Group The Paws of 9/11 Mercy Starcher and Kallah Reip 2nd place AES
I State and Local Studies Group Heritage Village Elana Harris and Trinaty Carpenter 1st place AES
Economics Group It's Corn: A Big Lump of Cash Chandler Cottrell and Carter Thompson 1st place AES
Geography Group Sharks vs. People Mason Sampson and Christopher Morris 1st place AES
US History  Group The History of Walt Disney  Colbie Wilson and Elizabeth Collins 1st place PHE
I US History Group Race to the Finish Zaden Cadle and Bronson Smith 2nd place AES
US History  Group The History of NBA Basketball Cyrus Helmich, Mason Laughlin 2nd place CCMHS
World History  Group Secrets of WWII Luke Strange-Paylor, Brady Miller 1st place CMHS
World History Group The Facts of Iwo Jima Jacob Gumm and Bentley Snodgress 2nd place PHE
I Psychology Individual Me and My ADHD Logan Butler 1st place AES
Sociology Individual Play Like a Girl Bristol Hoskins 1st place CMHS
I Sociology  Individual The Survivor Tree Aubrie Daigle 3rd place AES
Economics Individual Amazon Rains the Cash Sawyer Hoskins 1st place AES
Geography Individual The World's Most Amazing Canyon Brooke Tingler 1st place CMHS
I Geography Individual Surviving the Wave Addison Caudill 2nd place AES
Political Science Individual Understanding the Electoral College Jason Powell 1st place CMHS
State and Local Studies Individual Buffalo Creek Mine Disaster Levi Ferrell 1st place PHE
US History Individual The History of Sign Language Ellie Hall 1st place CMHS
US History Individual The Discovery While Searching Mackenzie Tingler 2nd place PHE
US History Individual Bermuda Triangle Chelsea Bailey 3rd place CCMHS
I US History Individual America's Sweethearts Mandy Johnson Honerable Mention AES
World History  Individual The Good in Jane Goodall Gwen Sampson 1st place CMHS
I World History Individual Donut Lassies Lilian McCumbers Honerable Mention AES
II US History Individual Annie Wilkins Trinity Probasco 1st place CMHS
III Political Science Individual Fighting for a Seat at the Table Jaelyn Jett 1st place CMHS
III Psychology Individual I was a very sick Girl Grace Vincent 1st place CMHS